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Tubing Jonathan Creek

Float down Jonathan Creek which runs right beside Cozy Creek Cottages. If tubing is not your interest, it's refreshing to just sit on the bank with your toes in the water.

Season and Conditions

  • Tubing is open from June 1st to September 30th.

  • The creek is always cold but earlier than June 1st and later than September 30th it is too cold for tubing, even if the outside air temperature is warm.  Nights in late spring and early fall can sometimes drop to almost freezing.

  • Cozy Creek Cottages reserves the right to close tubing at any time.

  • The creek is very dangerous during and directly after heavy rain.  Tubing is not permitted during those times.  Failure to abide by this rule could lead to injury or death.


  • Being able to swim is a must.  The current is very strong and would be very dangerous to a non-swimmer.  Even excellent swimmers can be at risk.

  • Currents are deceptively strong and  children under the age of 7 are strongly discouraged . Smaller children are put at an extremely dangerous disadvantage.


Cozy Creek Cottages does not supply tubes. All tubing and /or wading are done at your own risk.  Cozy Creek Cottages is not responsible for any injury.


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