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     We understand that pets are an extension of your family and we gladly welcome our guests traveling with small pets.  When you go out for the day, if you are unable to take your pet, there are nearby kennels that will lavish your furry friend with the attention they deserve. 


Policy (not all inclusive)


  • By pets, we mean cats and hypoallergenic dogs, no more than 25 pounds and limited to 2 (two) pets.

  • Certain breeds are not accepted. Please ask when making reservation.

  • There is a $15.00 per night fee (per pet)  or a minimum charge of $45.00. Discounts are provided for guests staying 7 or more nights.

  • Specific cottages are designated "pet friendly". Please ask when making your reservation.

  • Pets must be on a leash while outside at all times.

  • Pets may not be left unattended  in your cottage. 

  • We have designated areas for your pet's potty break. 

  • Guest is responsible for cleaning up after the pet on grounds and properly disposing of the waste in the outside dumpster or as otherwise designated.

  • Damages caused by your pet to the cottage, its furnishings, or any other part of the resort are your sole responsibility.

  • Noise/Disruptive complaints: If management receives more than 2 (two) complaints, alternative arrangements must be made for pet.


​​        Area Kennels

​If your pet becomes sick and needs special attention, the Waynesville Animal Hospital and Junaluska Animal Hospital are very close by to take good care of your furry friend.