North Carolina Trivia


Question: When were the Carolinas split? And why? 

Answer: In 1663 King Charles II realized the area was to large to be managed efficiently and put "Lords Proprietors" in charge of what became referred to as North and South Carolina.

Question: When did NC enter the Union? 

Answer: November 21, 1789

Question: What was the first ski resort in the South? 

Answer: Catalooche Ski Area, in Maggie Valley

Question: How many miles of highway does the state maintain? 

Answer: At last count, seventy-six thousand miles - making it the largest state highway system in the United States.

Question: Did you know? 

Answer: Whistler's mother was born in North Carolina.

Question: Did you know? 

Answer: North Carolina was the nation's biggest source of gold before the California gold rush.

Question: What percent of Southern casualties in the Civil War were North Carolinians? 

Answer: An  amazing 25 percent of all Southern Civil War casualties were North Carolinians.

Information from Amazing North Carolina

by T. Jensen Lacey

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