Make Cozy Creek your base camp for visiting Cold Mountain.

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Cold Mountain

Stop at mile marker number 420.2 along the Blue Ridge Parkway and look to the horizon and see Cold Mountain. This is the inspiration for Charles Frazier's best selling book Cold Mountain. The novel tells the story of Frazier's ancestors during the time near the end of the Civil War.  

This novel has been adapted into a movie which is also called Cold Mountain.  The movie stars Nicole Kidman and Jude Law.  Before you start your hike, come to the Cozy Creek video library and pick up the movie.  It will give you a greater appreciation for the area.  Click here to get a movie review.

The trailhead at Balsam Spring Road is the start of a  exerting eight mile trail which winds up to the crescent of Cold Mountain.  The elevation at the Balsam Springs overlook is 4,710' and the elevation  of Cold Mountain is 6,030'.  Prepare yourself for a breathtaking view.  Click here to find more hiking information.




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