Deposit Information


Purpose of Cozy Creek Cottage Deposit - The deposit for a reservation is an agreement to hold a particular cottage or cottages for a particular time.  Once a deposit is made we no longer accept any other interests in the cottage you have rented for the time you have reserved it.  This block of time is held for your party. 

Cancelations - We are a small family business and can not take a complete loss for the cancelation of your reservation.  As stated above, once you place your deposit we no longer accept reservations for the block you have reserved.  All other interests in reserving your cottage for the block of time you have reserved are turned down.  If you cancel your reservation this mean many potential lost opportunities for us to reserve the cottage to others for the time your were expecting to arrive. 

Return of Deposit - Deposits are only returned if we are able to reserve a cottage for the length of the reservation that was canceled.  If we do, we are very pleased to return your deposit.  If we do not, it is likely your cancelation has cost us a big loss and the deposit would not be returned.


 All cabin balances are due upon your arrival. Balances Must Be settled at time of arrival unless past 8:00 pm.  Then full balance must be paid in the morning.

All guests are financially responsible for the time reserved; there will be no refunds due to weather, change of plans, or early departures.

All rentals subject to 11% sales and lodging tax

.Place your deposit - give us a call.