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Featured TV Series
The Andy Griffith Show

       We are happy to have a sizable collection of shows from one of our favorite TV series, “The Andy Griffith Show.”  Just come to the cottage video library and borrow one of the many videos or DVDs we have.   Try one or many.  Have an “Andy Griffith Show” marathon.

      Once you’re done watching a show or two test your knowledge with a Mayberry trivia game.  Be prepared, this game will take you all over Mayberry.

       If you want to learn more about the series we have , Inside Mayberry “The Andy Griffith Show” Handbook by Dan Harrison and Bill Habeeb and The Andy Griffith Show Book by Ken Beck and Jim Clark.  We also have a cookbook or two from the series if you would like to try a few new dishes.  They are located in the cottage library.

Stock photo     “The Andy Griffith Show” has also been used to create a bible study.  We have the bible study guide called, The Way Back to Mayberry Lessons From A Simpler Time written by Joey Fann.   Perhaps it would be something you would want to try at your own Sunday meetings.