Wireless Internet


We are proud to offer wireless internet.  Now you can stay connected to friends and family or check business that needs attention. 

Please understand that we are not computer technicians and cannot help with computer problems.  Every computer has different characteristics so please understand that you will need to know how to access the wireless connection yourself.  We are happy to provide the link so you may be online but again we are not able to help with access problems from your laptop. 

Our wireless is created simply by using a router, series of repeaters, and a powerful wireless antenna to develop an internet bubble around the Cozy Creek Cottages property. 

Our server is Earthlink and it is typically reliable, but with all internet servers problems do occur.  Your connection speed is based upon the router not necessarily the server.  We have a "G" router which is  fast.  However if your computer has a non "G" wireless card your access speed may be slower than our "G" router speed. 

Example: Our signal is sent out at a "G" router speed.  If your laptop has a built-in "B" card our wireless signal would be downgraded to your computer's "B" wireless card.


We hope you enjoy this new feature of Cozy Creek Cottages.  It is exciting to offer more for our costumers.